This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). For more information about Tmori, or if you need any support, please reach us directly at info@tmorilights.com

Q: Where can I buy products from Tmori?

A: Tmori products are available on Amazon and online store here, also Facebook later, we still not have any dealers or distributors yet. We sell our products directly at the “end-user” level to offer low price with high quality.

Q: What light do I need for my bike or Jeep?

A: We list "Fitment" or "Application" on detail page, please find the headlight that works with your bike or Jeep.

Q: Are Tmori Jeep lights plug & play?

A: Yes, most of Tmori lights are designed to provide a true plug & play installation on JK Jeeps, most installations can be finished in few hours.

Q: Where to contact if I have questions about your products?

A: There're ways to reach us, can like our page on Facebook, send us an email directly, or just give us a call if necessary, click menu "CONTACT US" on the top to find details.